Bienvenidos al autentico BBQ de Texas en Guatemala! Pappy's BBQ offers real Texas Style-smoked barbecue with both traditional and non-traditional sides. Quality and consistency are our main focuses with our food. We strive to be the leader in quality meats in Antigua.  We hope you enjoy the good food!

for meat preparation

Dat smokey flavor

we prefer the tried and true slow cooking method, using white oak wood in our handmade pits. Many popular BBQ joints use Southern Pride or similar large smokers. These rely on gas or electricity and little wood, but they do smoke lots of meats at once. Our slow-cooking method requires more human intervention and care. We designed our own pits to get the result of the unique taste and texture of a backroads Texas product.

Our all natural beef brisket is hormone- and steroid-free. The cattle are fattened without the use of hormones and no antibiotics are used at critical stages. We invite you to taste the difference!



get to know our

Texas Buckle

Our Famous Extra Large Sandwich. Named for the size of Belt Buckles on Cowboys in Texas, HUGE!!! This sandwich is a combination of 1/2 pound of Pulled Pork and Sausage, with topped with Cole Slaw and a few pickles. Amazing. No wonder its the town favorite.

Pulled Pork
Texas Style 


Smoked Boneless, Super Tender Pulled Pork Texas Style is definitely a Southern Favorite. Competition winning recipe, this sweet, super tender meat is perfect for sandwiches or you can eat it by itself.

Pork Ribs


People all over Guatemala are talking about these amazingly perfect Pork Ribs. These are the best ribs south of the Rio Grande! Full of meat, these ribs explode in your mouth with flavor and juice. With just a Texas style dry rub lightly coated on the outside, please only use the sauce if absolutely needed. "Spare rib anyone?" – Adam

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