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If you're seriously interested, please fill out this form below, and I'll be in contact with you. 

*We hold your information confidential and will not share it with anyone for any reason. 

While everyone else is in stress!


Pappy's BBQ has never seen the short game as a threat. We've always thought long term, and although the COVID issue presents a threat, we see the potential and the upside beyond the issue by acting NOW... 

Think we're crazy? We have 15 strategic reasons why now is a great time to grow with our system. I've listed four below. 

Contact us to hear about the other 11. 


Prime Real Estate that is normally taken, becomes available. 

We already have a location in the works. We're just finalizing the contract. We not only got an incredible location, but we got a hell of a deal. 


Equipment is cheap, available, and ready to install!

We work with a number of providers to get house and kitchen equipment, and we've already been offered huge discounts.


Great talent to manage your franchise location are now available. 

Good employees are the hardest thing to find and are crucial to operating a successful restaurant. Because of the number of other restaurants closing, these good people are now looking to work for you!


We've lowered our Fees

Normally we take $35k upfront, and 6% royalties, but we've made this deal much more attractive to help you mitigate your risk. Sign up below to get a call from me personally, and let me show you what we can do for you. 

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